Riedell Model 29 Edge Jr. Skate Set

  • Boot Material: Leather
  • Color: Black, White
  • Price Range: $200 - $399
  • Series: Instructional
  • Support Rating: 35-60 (Medium)
  • Tongue Rating: 4.0-5.0 (Extra Firm)
Now 9% lighter, the Riedell 29 Edge Jr. ice skate, the junior version of our 229 Edge, is redesigned to provide an advantage. Double reinforced uppers with Trifusion and Foss provides medium support for advancing moves and jumps. Polyurethane coated leather uppers, leather sole, Dri-Lex® lining offer durable comfort. Traditional hand-rolled collar with flex notch eyelet for unmatched comfort, stability and performance. Nickel stud hooks. The 29 Edge Jr. set comes with the Eclipse Astra blade but for most sizes you can upgrade to the Eclipse Cosmos blade for an additional fee. 
NOTE:  The 29 Edge Jr. does not have the Flex Notch Eyelet as produt image shows. Youth sizes 10-12 1/2 have no Flex Notch or Rolled Collar.

  • Details
  • Sizing
  • Lace Sizing
Boot Features:
  • Open throat design
  • Flex notch (pictured flex notch eyelet not available for youth and junior sizes)
    • ​Not available for youth sizes 10-12 1/2
  • Forefoot flex
  • Hand-rolled collar
    • Not available for youth sizes 10-12 1/2
  • Higher toe box design
Skate Skill Level
  • Instructional
  • Available in White or Black
Support Level
  • Boot: 60 Support Rating - Medium
  • Tongue: 3.5 Tongue Rating

Blade Information: 
  • Eclipse Astra Blade
    • 1075 Carbon Steel
    • Straight Rakes
    • CNC Chrome Relief
    • 7 foot rocker
    • Riedell Series: Mid-Range
    • Eclipse Blade Ranges: 2, 3
  • Eclipse Cosmos Blade* (Upgrade Charge Applies)
    • ​1075 Carbon Steel
    • Cross-Cut Rakes
    • CNC Chrome Relief
    • 7 foot rocker
    • Riedell Sereis: Mid-Range
    • Eclipse Blade Ranges: 3, 4
*Upgrade to Eclipse Cosmos blade not avaialble for size 10 youth.

Available Sizes

  • Model 29 Edge (Youth and Junior Sizes)
    • White: 10 Youth–3 1/2 Junior Full and Half sizes; Narrow, Medium, Wide
    • Black: 10 Youth–3 1/2 Junior Full and Half sizes; Medium, *Narrow, *Wide
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